Why Is My Car Air Conditioning Not Working Correctly?

why is my car air conditioning not working correctly?

Fernandez Honda invites you to understand why your car air conditioning is not working correctly.

Your vehicle’s air-conditioner not working is likely caused by a freon leak or a failing compressor. Though these causes are the easy to spot reasons that the AC isn’t cooling inside your vehicle, it could also be something as simple as a dirty cabin filter or a bad belt. No matter how or why when you are counting on the relief of cold air it is extremely irritating anytime it won’t turn on. Don’t get in a panic, because our well-versed auto technicians will help resolve these issues and are ready to cool off your ride before the first heat wave arrives.

Why Is My Vehicle AC Not Cooling Correctly

Why Is My Vehicle AC Not Cooling Correctly

The most likely reason your AC isn’t cooling is because the vehicle’s air-conditioning is leaking. The vehicle’s AC unit uses freon to lower the ambient air temperature and creates some refreshing cold air. Anytime you’ll need that refreshing cool air, it can’t happen if the freon leak occurs. Another reason that your air-conditioner isn’t producing cold air is that your vehicle is a hybrid. The air-conditioner system uses the engine power, meaning the AC won’t be getting any power if your car is using EV mode and the engine stops running.

The AC Fan Isn't Working, But Air Conditioner Is On

The AC Fan Isn’t Working, But Air Conditioner Is On

If your air-conditioning is on and the fan isn’t working then there might be a blown AC fuse. These fuses help protect car components from a power surge and even though it might just have to be repaired, however, if your AC fuse keeps popping then it’s possible you have a much larger problem at hand. There can be a chance that the vehicle’s AC Compressor might be affected by a low level of air-conditioner refrigerant or a possible leak that needs to be repaired.

Typical Reasons My Automobile's Air- Conditioner Is Leaking Water

Typical Reasons My Automobile’s Air- Conditioner Is Leaking Water

If the air-conditioning starts leaking, you can easily tell by random damp spots around your vehicle or puddles seen under your vehicle when it’s parked. For your AC to push cold air into your vehicle, it needs to place all of that moisture it uses from the outdoors and flows down the evaporator drain pipe. Another cause could be the AC Refrigerant amount being low which leads to the evaporator coils freezing up and an overflow of condensation. You need to keep a lookout for faulty seals in the AC compartment or the air-conditioning’s air filters if the issue keeps happening.

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