Best Place to Shop for a Used Car

best place to shop for a used car

Where Do I Get the Best Deal on a Pre-Owned Car?

Car buyers of today have nearly too many options to shop. From online classifieds to social media marketplaces to websites, we are inundated with options and a nearly endless supply of cars. So where can you go to get the best deal on a pre-owned vehicle? Ultimately it boils down to three choices: a dealership, a small car lot, or a private transaction. Every option has its pros and cons, but when you’re making such a big financial decision you want to give yourself the best chance of getting the best deal you can.

Purchasing at a Used Car Lot

An independent used car lot offers a few of the same benefits of a big dealership, like a bigger selection of vehicles and the ability to view them online. You can still get a large selection of cars, trucks, or SUVs and the possibility of browsing them online at an independent pre-owned car lot, but they do present more risks. While some may be entrenched in the local area, many others seem to come and go almost overnight. Here are some of the other important differences between a car lot and a dealership:

  • Vehicle Inspections – Inspections at used car lots are usually not quite as thorough.
  • Mechanics – Limited on-site technicians, some with limited experience.
  • Condition of the Vehicle – Be on the lookout for high mileage vehicles with vague pasts.
  • CPO – Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are only available at manufacturer-approved dealers.
  • Pre-Sale Repairs – ‘Quick fixes’ may be used to maximize profits and save money.
  • Character – Some car lots choose profits over customer service.
  • Vehicle Financing – If they even offer financing, their interest rates are generally higher than most.
Shopping at a Second-Hand Vehicle Lot

Buying From Private Sellers

Independent Seller Shopping

If you’re seeking a rare car, especially an older car, then a personal seller might be your only real option. You might get a great price on the used car you’ve been looking for, but you as the buyer assume nearly all of the risk. You will be responsible for all of the things found here at the dealer:

  • The Current Condition of the Car – There could be unknown or underlying reasons why they’re selling the vehicle.
  • Loans – While many personal sellers want cash, you can also try getting a loan through your own lender. Your choices are limited either way.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections – A 3rd party inspection is suggested before you purchase a used car, but you would be on the hook for the cost.
  • Vehicle History – You are paying for the vehicle history reports.
  • No Warranty – Buyer Beware, Caveat Emptor
  • Customer Reviews – Good luck finding any info. Do you believe the seller?

Used Car Buying From Your Dealer

While a lot of us would agree that it’s the most convenient way to buy a used car, there are some that believe they can score a cheaper deal somewhere else. While you may get a lower price elsewhere (likely with a lot of miles and with fewer guarantees on condition), absolutely nothing can equal the customer service we provide.

Benefits of buying here are:

  • Convenient Hours – We’ve got extended hours so that we can be available when we are needed.
  • Buying Online – Can’t make it to the dealership? You can shop online 24/7.
  • Vehicle Delivery – We can deliver. Just ask and we will see what we can do.
  • Selection – Most dealers don’t have the same selection as we do.
  • CPO Vehicles – For your peace of mind, we offer Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.
  • Fair Pricing – Our experienced vehicle professionals work diligently to offer fair prices.
  • History Reports of the Vehicle – Know the history of the car you may purchase.
  • Plenty of Reviews – It is easy to see what other buyers think.
  • Lots of Options for Financing – We boast multiple ways to get you financed.
Used Car Shopping at Your Dealer

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