What Makes My Car Lights Flicker?

what makes my car lights flicker

Fernandez Honda can help you identify what makes your car lights flicker.

If you observe your car lights flickering while driving, it’s probably due to a failing battery. If the car battery is normal, there are other trouble spots that may be responsible for the issue. No matter the cause, you should have the problem diagnosed and repaired ASAP. When your car lights aren’t working properly, you may become a danger to other drivers.
The three areas flickering car lights can occur are:

  • Interior overhead lights
  • Headlights
  • Lights on the Dashboard

Since the battery is the easiest item to diagnose, this is where most of us will look first. If you think the battery is on its way out, bring it here so we can properly diagnose the problem and get the specific parts for your vehicle. While most cases result from a dying battery, there are other factors to consider.

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Bad bulbs or fuses

Bad bulbs or fuses

If the battery isn’t the reason for your flickering car lights, it may be a dying bulb or a bad fuse. Bulbs are an easy fix and present an opportunity to upgrade to new LED bulbs.
If it’s a bad fuse, you may be dealing with a larger issue since fuses are a safety feature on your vehicle. In most cases, a fuse dies when there is too much electrical current runs through it. As an example, if the anti-lock brakes are installed with a 10amp fuse, and the fuse gets over 10amps of electricity, the fuse will fail. In this situation, this would also cause your anti-lock brakes to fail. If there is a fuse that continues to fail, bring your car in so we can accurately diagnose the bigger, potentially more serious problem.



Flickering dash lights can also be one of the signs the alternator is dying. Think of it this way, you start your vehicle with battery power, but the alternator provides the power when running. If you own an old vehicle with halogen headlights, you may see them slowly get dimmer with a failing alternator. For newer cars with HID or LED lights, they may flicker on and off or stop working altogether.

Headlight switch going bad

Headlight switch going bad

A bad light switch, whether it’s the headlight switch knob or an interior lights dimmer, also needs to be considered if you have flickering lights on the car. In some rare situations, replacing a worn-out switch might solve the flickering light problem, especially in vehicles with excessive wear or older vehicles. If your vehicle is new, it could be a sign of a more significant concern with the electrical system.
Diagnosing these concerns can seem overwhelming, so if you’re experiencing any issues with flickering lights on your vehicle, bring it in immediately. Our technicians will thoroughly investigate the problem and offer you options for fixing your flickering lights.

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