Should I Choose Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze?

should i choose apple maps, google maps, or waze?

Best Navigation App

Want to uncover the best navigation app?

Drivers of a certain age may remember the days of pre-printed directions, watching the odometer to count down the miles until your next turn off, and an emergency road atlas to help guide you. These days, digital navigation is available on nearly every mobile phone and car. While nearly all navigation applications provide the same basic information, how and what information they present can vary greatly. With so many options, how can you figure out which is the best NAV app for your vehicle? We have decided on our top 3 picks are Apple Maps vs. Google Maps vs. Waze. Apple CarPlay® may appear to be the leader because it is available in so many brand-new vehicles, but Waze and Google Maps have their own unique advantages as well.

Google Maps


The most robust NAV app in this review is Google Maps because all of the info comes from Google itself.

Google Maps Benefits

  • Instant traffic updates – See how much time that traffic jam is going to add to your trip.

  • More than just cars – If you want to take a train, walk, or bike then Google Maps is ready.

  • Street View, a Google Exclusive – See actual images of your map location.

  • Offline availability – Download your map. No cell reception, no problem.


Apple Maps

Thanks to the CarPlay® integration with many new vehicles, Apple Maps could very well be the most used NAV app on the market. ​Apple Maps has one minor flaw, it’s only found on iOS devices.


  • Apple Pit Stops – Find nearby gas stations and other attractions.
  • Navigation options – Get map options for driving, walking, and public transportation.
  • Look Around – See both images and a map view of your area. Very useful if you get lost.



Despite other NAV applications now featuring some sort of user-generated traffic data, Waze was the first navigation app to use the technology as well.

Waze Biggest Advantages

  • Integration with Facebook – Share your road trip with friends by posting your location on your timeline.
  • Not only directions – Receive information about construction, roadside incidents, and speed traps.
  • Real-time information – User input info as they drive, that information is used to figure out the quickest way to your destination.

The Winner is:

It should be no surprise, but the best Navigation App truly depends on what you need. If you happen to get lost a lot, the Look Around feature on Apple Maps is helpful. If you use NAV to plan your next big cycling trip, Google Maps is your best choice. But, if you just want to get somewhere in the shortest time, Waze is your best choice. Apple Maps, Waze, and Google Maps all have unique standout features and you truly can not go wrong with any of them.

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