Is It Worth It To Shop For a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

is it worth it to shop for a certified pre-owned vehicle?

Certified Pre-Owned, What Does It Mean?

A Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is a used car that features a warranty akin to a new car. As a matter of fact, in some instances, a Certified Pre-Owned car, truck, SUV, or minivan could have a more robust warranty than when the vehicle was brand-new. ​Meanwhile, some dealers may offer vehicles that they ‘certify’, but it’s just a play on words. Those dealerships could complete a certification procedure on pre-owned cars, but it is not truly the same. A manufacturer CPO vehicle goes through a meticulous and rigorous examination process, provides the security of a new car, and offers perks like special financing options. The singular place to purchase a legitimate Certified Pre-Owned car is from a dealer backed by the car manufacturer.

Like-New Condition is Guaranteed

Guaranteed New-Car-Like Value

The biggest benefit of a CPO car is its reliability. Most CPO vehicles are picked specifically because they have low mileage, they’re accident-free, and are typically in better condition than the average used car. Once established as a potential CPO candidate, that car will undergo a stringent inspection process. If the inspection locates any issues with the car then those issues are repaired before the car can be certified. Once certified, a car obtains an extended warranty to guard against issues in the future.

Lower Cost For New-Car-Like Reliability

Lower Cost For New-Car-Like Quality

Another perk of a CPO vehicle is you get a car that appears new, drives new, and comes with an extended warranty, just without the new-car price tag. A CPO car is typically among the best buys in the used car market since the new-car depreciation has already taken place. While you could get a warranty from a 3rd party on most vehicles, a Certified Pre-Owned warranty is both more cost-effective and more robust.

Even More Benefits Included

Even More Perks Included

Buying a CPO car has some extra advantages that buyers may not know of. Most CPO cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans are eligible for better interest options and even longer loan term lengths. In the rare possibility that your Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle has issues, complimentary roadside assistance is another possible benefit (and there might be a free loaner waiting). Prepaid maintenance options, a courtesy trial of satellite radio, and trip insurance are other benefits that may be available. Check with our Certified Pre-Owned specialists for more info.

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Best Place To Find Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Fernandez Honda is one of the prime locations to get a certified pre-owned Honda in San Antonio, TX. Buy, sell, trade, or even get pre-approved for financing, online or in-person. We offer quality, convenience, and competitive pricing that you can trust. Visit our San Antonio area used car lot today. We look forward to serving you.

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