Indicators of Malfunctioning Spark Plug Wires

indicators of malfunctioning spark plug wires

Fernandez Honda invites you to discover what the indicators of malfunctioning spark plug wires are.

The most apparent sign of worn spark plug wires is that your car just seems ‘off.’ It might start slowly with reduced gas mileage but could end up with a lack of acceleration. Fouled spark plug wires or spark plug misfires may also lead to problems starting your engine, a rough idle once started, and low power. What might start as just a minor inconvenience could become a safety issue. Regardless if you are currently having problems or just want to change your spark plug wires before they happen, let us take a look. Our experienced technicians will investigate your car and provide you with options for the best fix to keep your vehicle on the road.

Spark Plugs, What Do They Do?

How Do Spark Plugs Work?

A spark plug is a component of the standard internal combustion engine that delivers a spark of electricity to ignite the fuel and air mixture. A gasoline engine won’t run or start without spark plugs. We use the correct spark plug gap, so the engine runs its best. A gapping tool makes a precise measurement to ensure the spark plug gap is correct. This is only applicable to gas engines because there is no such thing as diesel engine spark plugs. Diesels have a separate system that has glow plugs in place of spark plugs.

Benefits of Changing Spark Plugs

Should I Change My Spark Plugs?

The biggest benefit of new spark plugs is that the vehicle should run better, provide improved fuel economy, and may reduce the pollution from your car. The price to change your spark plugs is quite reasonable, too. While everyone has a view on which ones are the best spark plugs, we use the spark plugs that the manufacturer initially used. So, bring your vehicle in and swap those dirty spark plugs and see what you have been missing.

How Often Should I Replace The Plugs?

How Long Do Plugs Last On A Vehicle?

How Long Do Plugs Last, well the answer is complicated. Like many car components, there will be spark plugs that may only last a year or spark plugs that may last many years. While it depends on your driving habits, the vehicle will have a unique replacement plan for the spark plugs. So, if your car is having symptoms of fouled spark plugs, bring it to us for a comprehensive check-up. Our qualified technicians will check the plugs and coils for problems and get you out on the road ASAP.

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